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Are you a first time renter? Or just looking to speed up the rental process? Read through the steps below to learn about our rental process and requirements of each step to ensure the a smooth transition into your new rental.

Browse our properties and identify which units fit your budget and lifestyle. Then email, call or text Tom to schedule a time and date to visit each property.

Download and print out a Rental Application or request one during a property visit. Then each roommate needs to complete the form and submit it to Tom along with a $25 Rental Application Fee. You may also complete the application prior to a visit and submit it along with the fee to speed up the process.

Upon approval of your Rental Application you will be notified and need to schedule a final property visit to review and sign a Rental Agreement and take any measurements/assessments of the unit. Also at this time a Security Deposit, typically 1 month’s rent, will be due.

If parent or guardian co-signers are required, which they typically are, we will go over this step and deadline during the lease signing.

Prior to your move in date you will need to notify your utility companies to update their billing information with your name or another roommate. Be sure to notify them of your move-in date.

  • Gas (2-3 weeks prior)
    Contact Columbia Gas at 800-344-4077.
  • Electric (1 week prior)
    Contact American Electric Company (AEP) at 800-277-2177.
  • Water/Sewer (1 week prior)
    Send an email to with the roommate responsible for this utility. You will receive a monthly bill from Guardian Water & Power, which is payable to OSU Premiere Properties.

A few days prior to your scheduled move-in date please call or text Tom at 614-440-6214 to coordinate a time to meet and receive your keys. Also at this time you will need to pay 1st month’s rent.

When moving out please use our Vacating Guidelines as a reference during move-out. It will ensure you will get the most, if not all, of your Security Deposit back.

Available Downloads

The following PDF downloads can be printed and completed ahead of a scheduled property visit. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

To ensure the full return of your Security Deposit please follow our Vacating Guidelines.